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A better approach to software process systems

SolidCircle provides a wide array of software and technology services aimed at improving the useability, functionality, and user satisfaction of existing client systems. Think you need to purchase new software or a new system? Call us first, we'll give you the facts and help you save money in the process.


At SolidCircle, we know that integrating technology systems can be one of the most frustrating challenges facing many organizations. Gaps existing between applications can translate into productivity loss as well as untold opportunity costs. It is one of the most difficult things to fix - causing many organizations to stumble along with systems that don't talk to each other.

SolidCircle has years of experience integrating our clients' systems from payroll, financial, and accounting systems to email, case management, dispatch, and records management systems to name just a few. We realize that each software integration project is unique, so we invite you to discuss your needs with our business development team. They can help provide you with more information to customize a solution to fit your needs.


Technology Consulting

SolidCircle has extensive experience helping businesses and governments align technology strategy with organizational value. We provide the following services within Technology Consulting and will develop an approach to work best for your organization’s needs.

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Software Selection
  • Hardware Selection
  • Business Intelligence/Customer Analytics
To find out whether Technology Consulting from SolidCircle is right for your organization, please contact our team.


User Experience

SolidCircle’s User Experience service brings aesthetically appealing, intuitive and user driven design to our clients’ applications. With a particular focus on useability, our solutions engage users to spend more time using your application and less time trying to use it.

At SolidCircle, we believe User Experience design and development focuses on more than look and feel. It includes overall screen design, field placements, integrating controls, quick action buttons, enhanced workflow, ease of use, and much more. Our client-centered development process includes user experience design and development as part of the overall approach to developing a custom technology solution. We also offer this service separately to provide your internal teams the necessary expertise to create user friendly applications.



At SolidCircle, we know that any major software implementation comes with many challenges, but we have found one of the most critical is failing to align business processes with the software supposed to sustain them. Such process gaps all too often result in productivity loss, unnecessary technology costs, wasted time and effort, not to mention frustrated users.

We provide workflow analysis, project management, and implementation services for major software implementations from ERP to ECM. Our team will map out the existing processes, identify improvements, and develop innovative workflows that will help you get the most out of your new software.