Jail Management


SolidCircle Jail Management is a web based application that is the product of thousands of hours working with Jail facilities and Law Enforcement through both process improvement consulting and custom software development. Our software encompasses the full process from initial arrest on the road to booking, inmate management, release and everything in between.

This product has been released and is currently in use at the Ottawa County Jail. For more information on this project and to receive notification about newly released software products, click here.

Product Info
  • Benefits

    • Booking/Intake
    • Configurable Inmate Classification
    • Officer and Inmate Safety
    • Detective Watch List
    • PREA
    • Visitation
    • Alert Generator
    • Court Case Management Integration
  • Benefits

    • Customizable
    • Rule Infractions
    • Medical and Mental Health
    • Activity Log
    • Reporting and Forms
    • Inmate Release
    • Inmate Transport

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