Daily is a web-based application that is more than just an electronic solution for recording daily activities. Deputies can quickly and easily download central dispatch data directly to their daily to save time and increase accuracy. Daily can be accessed anywhere, from the office, from the patrol car, and even from home providing deputies more flexibility and convenience. Our statistical and reporting options provide valuable insight into your organization's operations, so you know exactly what is happening throughout your jurisdiction(s) and budget(s).

Seamless integration to Timecard within our Time Management application means hours submitted in Daily can be automatically sent to your payroll processing system, no need for administrative staff to reenter daily information into payroll.

Product Info
  • Benefits

    • Eliminates paper activity reporting
    • Easily track time across jurisdictions
    • View daily activity for any officer across locations
    • Error prevention with bookkeeper review
    • On-demand reporting & tracking tools
    • Central dispatch & payroll integration
    • Eliminates duplicative manual entry into systems