Case Management


SolidCircle Case Management is a web based application that provides District Court and Circuit Court users the ability to manage and process cases. Our individual based system takes court case management to a new level by providing users with real-time access to an individual's cases whether Traffic, Criminal, or Civil. With seamless integration to financial, state, and jail systems our integrated solution will improve your courts' communication, save you time, and most importantly, save you money.

This product is currently in development. For more information on this project and to receive notification about newly released software products, click here.

  • Benefits

    • Individual case information in one place
    • Customized alerts, events, and case notes
    • Manage cases, bonds, warrants, hearings, payments, and more
    • User customized dashboards for important case information
    • Case assignment to allow users (e.g. Probation Officers) to manage caseloads
    • Extensive caseload and court reporting tools
    • Document creation tool (e.g. SCAO forms)
    • Quick navigation and task completion
    • Integration to financial, cashiering, and e-ticketing systems
    • Integration to State systems
    • Integration to SolidCircle Jail Management & Docket

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